Monitoring Your Fitness Progress: Don’t Guess- Measure!

Mass Gaining program is incomplete without the timely measurements to monitor Your Progress. The only way to know if your mass or fat loss program is successful is by monitoring your measurements, weight and body fat levels. ‘One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.’ – Admiral Grace Hopper, U.S. Navy Depending on the … Continue reading Monitoring Your Fitness Progress: Don’t Guess- Measure!

Mass Gaining program is incomplete without the timely measurements to monitor Your Progress. The only way to know if your mass or fat loss program is successful is by monitoring your measurements, weight and body fat levels.

‘One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.’ – Admiral Grace Hopper, U.S. Navy

Depending on the program, I recommend that everyone take their body fat levels every 1-2 weeks.

There’s a lot that these readings reveal to a trained eye! For example, I was recently on a fat loss diet, and I did not lose any weight for three weeks. At first I thought that I needed to drop my calories further because the current levels were not working for me. I did not want to do this because as a hard-gainer, dropping my calories too low can result in too much muscle loss. So, before I committed to a more drastic diet, I checked my body fat records.

Was I in for a shock! According to my body fat calculations I was actually getting leaner. Even though my weight did not change during that three-week period, my body fat levels went down 3%! Since I did not lose any weight during that time, the fat must have been replaced by muscle (an added benefit, but this does not happen most of the time). I would have never known this by simply looking in the mirror.

Another example is last year when I was on a mass cycle. I was eating a tremendous amount of calories and gaining weight like crazy. I stopped the diet once I began to notice that my fat gains were larger than my muscle gains. I would never have noticed this if I had not closely monitored my body fat levels.

I expect to gain some fat on a mass diet, but I always want to gain more muscle than fat. If I had not kept track of my body fat levels, I would have gained too much fat.


There are many methods of measuring your body fat and some are quite expensive. While many consider underwater weighing to be the most accurate, no method is 100% precise — they all have some margin of error. It’s not important to know the exact number — what’s important is to use the same method each time you take your measurements so you can have a consistent record of your progress. I just use an inexpensive skinfold caliper. They cost anywhere from $29-$80 and are simple to use.

Just looking in the mirror and guessing is not acceptable!

If you want to start getting great results, you must develop the habit of accurately tracking your progress. If you don’t, you will continue to go in circles. This may seem like a ‘hassle’, but nothing worth having is ever easy to attain.

The importance of caring for your skin

Packaging is as important as the gift itself its something that most of the gift manufacturing companies follow very closely. The same holds good for you too. Your outer-self i.e. your skin is as important as your inner-self. A lot of people do realise the importance of skin care. Well, this is one reason why there are so many skin care products in the market and most of the skin care products seem to do pretty well. We generally tend to associate skin care to just good looks. However, there is more to it than just that. There are multiple benefits associated with a healthy and glowing skin.

Firstly, it has a good effect on you yourself. It makes you feel fresh and energetic. You are able to do more work and are quicker with everything you do. More importantly, the freshness adds to your enjoyment and makes your day. So a healthy skin too plays its part in building confidence. Yes, you can take most of the credit for having achieved that (however, do leave a little for the skin care products too).

Moreover, this flow of positive energy is experience by people around you too and you observe that even they are friendlier with you. You get more respect from others. They are more responsive to your queries. They themselves experience the freshness that you are exuding. They love working with you and for you. Yes, thats how it works. Some people might even go ahead and ask you about the skin care products you use (you might or might not reveal those secret skin care products to them). Thus, a healthy skin can be instrumental in creating a pleasant and friendly environment around you. On the other hand, carelessness or negligence on this front can make you look unattractive and dull. You will not only look dull but also feel dull. Your work efficiency is reduced. Even the people you meet might not be as friendly. In fact, it might lead to the aging process getting started much earlier.

Thus the importance of skin care cannot be ignored. However, skin care is not that difficult at all. There are a lot of skin care products available and you can choose the ones that suit you the best. There are various ways in which skin care products are classified and the knowledge about these classifications will help you understand them better and make a selection.

* The first categorisation is based on the skin type so you have skin care products for oily skin, skin care product for dry skin, skin care products for sensitive skin etc.

* Another way is to categorise skin care products based on their use e.g. you have moisturisers, cleansers, skin care products for exfoliation, toners etc.

* Then you have skin care products for treatment of various skin dilemmas i.e. skin care products for acne, skin care products for stretch marks, skin care products for anti-ageing etc.

* Another classification is based on the ingredients e.g. herbal skin care products, synthetic skin care products, cosmetic skin care products etc.

However, skin care products are not the only way of skin care. You also need to build some basic skin care procedures in your day to day life (as we discuss in the other article on personal skin care).

Seven Skin Care Commandments You Ought To Follow

Obsessing on having a flawless skin is really pointless. With todays craze on skin perfection, women are consumed with purchasing skin care products and trying out various beauty regimens just to achieve the perfect skin they see on TV commercials and magazines.

There is really nothing wrong in using beauty products to achieve a young and healthy looking skin. However, most of these products only offer false benefits such as instant facelifts, zero pores, and perfect skin smoothness. In fact, there is really no need for you to adhere using such products just to have beautiful skin. Remember that the body changes as you become older. Hence, wrinkles, facial lines, freckles, and other changes in the skin are natural indications of aging.

As mentioned earlier, beauty products are not that necessary just so you can have beautiful skin. Expensive beauty treatments are also not always the best option to maintain a flawless skin. Remember that achieving a beautiful and smooth skin doesnt really need to be costly.

If great skin is what you want, then read the tips below on how to achieve a smoother and younger-looking skin.

1. Get enough nutrition and rest.
Adequate nutrition and rest are essential if you are aiming to achieve a beautiful skin. Make sure to have at least eight hours of sleep everyday. If you eat well, it is reflected on your skin; so eat right and maintain a healthy daily diet.

2. Avoid nicotine.
To refrain from smoking is probably one the most clich reminders on whats good and bad to the skin. Since the skin is among the largest organs of the human body, it therefore needs a lot of oxygen so the skin wont look gray and dull.

3. Be stress free.
If you are always stressed out from work or other activities, it definitely shows on your physical appearance, particularly on the skin. Hence, find ways to perfectly manage stress and pressure to avoid experiencing physical complications, particularly the skin, as side effects of intense stress.

4. Wash your face as often as necessary.
Washing the face is perhaps the simplest yet very hygienic skin care regimen. Never ever forget to wash your face before going to bed every night as your face is packed with dust, dirt, and dried makeup.

5. Avoid popping or squeezing out pimples with your fingers.
Pimples are indeed very frustrating. But popping or squeezing them out using your fingers is really a no no, for this will only traumatize and scar your face. If you want to get rid of pimples, try using an effective and safe skin care ointment to dry the blisters.

6. Regularly clean your makeup.
Make sure to regularly replace the old sponges of your compacts with fresh sponges. Using dirty makeup paraphernalia may lead to acne, pimples, and blisters on your face. In addition, throw away old cosmetics and buy new ones every six months.

7. Practice applying less makeup.
A simple makeup is better than applying layers of colors on your face. However, if you really want to apply more makeup, do it occasionally so your skin can adjust to the layers of ingredients you applied on your face.

Shoulder Hemiarthroplasty In Patients With Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Replacement of the berm in juvenile person idiopathic arthritis is not often performed and at that place rich person been no published series to date. We present nine glenohumeral hemiarthroplasties in eight patients with systemic or polyarticular adolescent idiopathic arthritis. The mean keep up-up was six days (59 to 89 months). The mean age at the time of operation was 32 old age. Surgery took place at a mean of 27 age subsequently diagnosis.

The results indicated excellent easing from painful sensation. At that place was restoration of useful office which deteriorated with time, in part because of progression of the systemic disease in this severely affected group. No patient has required revision to date and in that location has been no radiological evidence of laxation or osteolysis around the implants. We discuss the pathoanatomical challenges unique to this group. In that location was very little space for a prosthetic marijuana cigarette and, in some cases, bony deformity and the belittled size necessitated the wont of custom-made implants.

Arthritis of the shoulder joint is rarely an early feature of jejune idiopathic arthritis. Involvement of the hip joint and stifle is more common and can be treated by arthroplasty.’~8 That of the articulatio humeri is seen later in the course of ongoing systemic or polyarticular puerile idiopathic arthritis with an incidence of 15% at 15 eld from the onset of the disease.9 Persistent arthritis of the immature produces a maldeveloped proximal humerus and glenoid cavity (Fig. Later in the course of the disease, erosion of ivory and cartilage whitethorn cause medial migration and superior subluxation of the humeral head. Consequent dysfunction of the impairs basic daily activities such as toileting and the utilization of crutches or a stick, which English hawthorn be required during rehabilitation later surgical operation on the coxa or knee joint.

If the elbows become involved, the role of the upper limb deteriorates further. Another (case 6) complained of persistent paraesthesiae and annoyance affecting the lateral aspect of her forearm afterwards surgical procedure which did not respond to simple analgesia and physiotherapy. She remains unable to self-toilet effectively because of a poor range of movement and her purpose has deteriorated with time. Peripheral nerve-conduction studies were comparable with those of the contralateral arm and within normal limits. MRI of her cervical spine showed degenerative changes consistent with a C6 radiculopathy, merely she has declined further intervention.

Thither wealthy person been no other significant complications to date. This is a diminished series of patients with no unoperated control group other than the contralateral of four patients with significant arthritic involvement. Our methodology is otherwise reasonable.